The financial implications when you pass away can have a long lasting impact on your family members. Therefore it is very important to know what financial implications there will be. Our representatives can assist you with the calculations and planning for they have a team of legal professionals and tax specialists a phone call away.

With over 1500 unit trust funds to choose from in the market, how would you know what to choose? That is why our investment specialists spend hours and hours on researching and studying the available funds on the market to build bespoke investment portfolios for your specific needs and investment goals. Our representatives will also assist in planning the most tax efficient investment plan to save for your life goals.

Do you know if you will be able to retire one day? Our representatives can assist you with all the calculations taking into consideration all your current personal and employer savings as well as all future contributions. This will all be calculated at a conservative investment growth rate for the most realistic projections. Knowing exactly what value of income you will receive at retirement can come in handy.

Expert in budget planning south africa

Only the rich count their money. Budgeting is one of the most important tasks that has to be completed to achieve wealth goals. If you don’t budget you can’t plan and if you can’t plan you can’t set goals. Our team of financial specialist can guide you to a wealthier future by assisting in your budget planning in your business and personal life. Contact us today to start your budget plan.

Life Insurance company south africa

South African Life Insurance

Cover all your risks. The main purpose of life insurance is to cover you and your families financial risks in an unfortunate event. The financial implications at death, disability and severe illness can be life ruining and change your life’s completely. Make sure you cover those risks incase of an unfortunate event. Protecting your lifestyle is a key component of your financial plan. Contact us today for a quotation.

Medical Aid Comparisons Ffeassy

medical aid comparisons south africa

Don’t just settle with unpaid claims or bad administration. Compare your medical aid with other options on the market to ensure you have the best possible option for your specific needs. The needs of a single member and a family is very different. Are you on the medical aid that cover your specific needs? Call us to find out.

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